Need to know who to contact:  Here is a good start:

For last minute cancellations call: 

Palm Valley Golf Shop 702-363-4373
Highland Falls Golf Shop 702-254-7010
Eagle Crest Golf Shop 702-240-1320

If you signed up for a tournament and find you can’t play or you neglected to sign-up and want to be added on a space available basis, please contact our Tournament Director:


If you have questions about the results of a tournament other then (why didn’t I play better) contact our Tournament Recorder:

For questions about you handicap and why it went up, down or didn’t change or you wish to appeal the handicap calculations please contact our Handicap Chairman:

For inquiries and suggestions for off-site golf trips and special events please contact our Vice-President:

 For all other inquiries and suggestions regarding club business or website design please contact the President: